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For UK training companies, Brexit means one word: Export

Whichever way you voted, whatever you think, now is the time to sell PRINCE2 and the best practice products beyond our borders Here’s 3 reasons this is a great time to take PRINCE2 on tour… The Pound is down The phrase ‘weak pound’ is misleading.  For exporters it’s a positive advantage;  anything you earn in…

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The Punch Drunk Project Manager

Is this you? It’s certainly me, on too many days.  ‘Stuff’ just seems to pour in – to-dos go red in my inbox, issues arise, send/receive brings another wave of information.  Just another day in the life of a project manager. Some of it is essential – check how the team is going, get the…

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MoP or MSP – Which one is for me?

What is the difference between a portfolio and a programme?  It’s a common question and I’d recommend you start by asking:  “What are my objectives”   Are you looking to develop your skills in delivering transformational change or do you want to enhance your abilities to prioritise potential projects and align them with strategy?  In other…

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