How to claim and update your company details on the new aspect website

Step 1 register with the site



Step 2 enter a user name and e-mail address, (write down the user name)


Step 3 you should get a link to you e-mail address (check the spam folder if it does not arrive)



Step 4 click on the top link and register using the recommended (or you own) password (write this down or copy it to you clipboard using Ctrl C)




Step 4 Now select login from the top right of the site


Now login to the site using this password, (save the details in your browser if prompted)



Step 5 One the directory at or on the menu and search for your listing



Step 6 Open your listing and select claim listing

Once you claim in approved you will be the only one who can edit your listing. To make any changes log back in and edit your listing. You can add logos, photos, twitter, phone numbers, etc.


To edit your listing log in to the site (as in step open you profile and the edit button will appear on the right)