Our Members Commitment to Quality

AsTrE Members

All AsTrE members sign up to a quality charter and are committed to providing high quality and professional training.

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Our Charter

When selecting your training provider, look for the AsTrE logo. This will ensure that the provider will uphold our high training standards:

1. Maximum delegates will not exceed 16 delegates

By keeping class sizes to a manageable level, each delegate will be assured that they receive the required attention for clarifying learning points. There is nothing worse for the delegate to have a list of questions, but no time to get them answered.

2. Training rooms will be spacious and light

It is important to have a good learning environment. The accredited training courses are very intense, with long days plus an hour or two evening work. AsTrE members only use properly proportioned rooms with light and space to work and concentrate.

3. Official manuals and training materials

All members of AsTrE provide a copy of the official manual for the delegate to keep. AsTrE members are committed to knowledge transfer, and therefore believe it is essential for delegates to have their own copy of the official manual to learn the subject, prepare for the examinations, and to reference and use after the training has finished.

Please also note: The Practitioner Examination allows a candidate to reference just the official manual during the exam. The manual must not have any inserts, sticky notes, etc inside it (other than for index markers), otherwise you may face disqualification from the exam. You are allowed to have hand-written notes in your manual though, hence the reason for having your own copy, rather than a "borrowed" one from the training provider.

4.Subject matter expertise

AsTrE members have been accredited for a minimum of 5 years. Training providers new to the industry place a lot of emphasis on the examination rather than learning the methods. While this may appear to meet your primary objective, if you do not understand how to get the best from the methods, then you may not be able to demonstrate your new skills in the workplace. This is especially important when embedding the methods into your organisation.

5. Professional support and development

All AsTrE members provide pre-course training materials when you confirm your course. This may be online or paper-based, and may include guided reading, sample exam questions, candidate guidance and the syllabus. To get the most from your course, AsTrE members commit to support you during your pre-course study preparation.

6.Support before, during and after your course

AsTrE member have committed to "provide information to industry professionals in the application of portfolio, programme and project management best management practice". To uphold this commitment, AsTrE members provide resources such as template documents to help you use the methods after your training course.

7. Guaranteed courses and professional integrity

AsTrE member have committed to "create, maintain and uphold a premium set of standards, ethics and professional integrity". Some courses offered by AsTrE members are guaranteed to run. If an AsTrE member advises you that a course is guaranteed to run, you can rest assured that this is truly the case.

8. All courses advertised by AsTrE members are real

Some non-AsTrE members advertise courses and locations as a marketing tool with no intention of running them.

9. Customer service

AsTrE members are committed to excellent customer service and will always endeavor to support you throughout your learning experience.