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ASPECT's mission is to promote excellence and raise standards in the delivery of accredited training and consultancy in the PPRM Best Practice market in particular and Management Training in general.


When selecting your training provider, in addition to ensuring that the provider has the relevant accreditations (where required), look for the ASPECT logo. This will ensure that your training provider will uphold the following standards.


Membership is open to any accredited entity who is committed to promoting excellence in the market and undertakes to abide by the ASPECT charter. Please click to view the current active member list.

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Below are our members who are committed to promoting excellence in training and consultancy.

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Latest News From ASPECT Members

New Officers of ASPECT Association

By 20|20 Business Insight Ltd. | 12th October 2020

ASPECT Association is pleased to announce that Sheila Roberts, CUPE International Chief Operating Officer, has been elected as Chair of ASPECT. She is supported by Tom Vincent of 2020 and Jay Gao of Knowlegetrain who have kindly agreed to remain as Officers. They are joined by Greg Montgomery of Provek as the new Treasurer and…

Virtual training is a challenge for new trainers

Classroom to Virtual Training; a Trainers Perspective.

By Matt Reed | 20th May 2020

At the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown and being told that for the foreseeable future, I would have to run virtual training courses online caused enough beads of sweat to run down my forehead. It looked like I’d just stepped out of a thunderstorm and to be honest, that’s kind of what I was feeling…

Virtual Training Hints and Tips

By Paul Naybour | 8th May 2020

Many ASPECT members have been delivering virtual training for many years. As a membership organisation, we are supporting our members moving to virtual learning by sharing best practices and preparing revised standards. Based on my own experience, these are my tips for delivering high-quality virtual education.   Interactivity As with classroom training, people prefer training that…