AsTrE (Association for Training Excellence) is pleased to announce that Sheila Roberts, CUPE International Chief Operating Officer, has been elected as Chair of AsTrE. She is supported by Tom Vincent of 2020 and Jay Gao of Knowlegetrain who have kindly agreed to remain as Officers. They are joined by Greg Montgomery of Provek as the new Treasurer and Alexei Kuvshinnikov of Flexilern as Secretary. They have been elected by the AsTrE members to serve for the next two years. This blog looks at why AsTrE is important for members in the current Covid environment and plans for the next period.

Why is AsTrE Important During Covid?

AsTrE member organisations have needed to pivot their approaches and practices to maintain services and standards during Covid. The opportunities presented by virtual delivery during Covid is a critical time for the AsTrE organisations to reassure their clients of their commitment to uphold the standards. Whilst some organisations combine courses to have large numbers of delegates online, AsTrE Organisations do not feel this is appropriate. Members will continue to support clients with the appropriate balance of input, exercises, discussions and answering questions raised.

The AsTrE members have set up systems and tools to ensure that our clients continue to benefit from their Training and Consulting. The members also recognised that the standards need to be maintained and so have discussed how to ensure this happens. The six-monthly survey of AsTrE members helps regular collaboration with APM and APMG as Accreditation Organisations.

AsTrE Plans for the Next Period

The technology for new approaches is so often a challenge. AsTrE Organisations have liaised to benefit from each other’s experience and from October 20 there is a monthly forum to continue to do so and understand what works in which environments. AsTrE is also working to explore how organisations which have security reasons to prevent access to online systems for training or exams through their firewalls, can still be provided with training and exams. In addition, working groups have been set up to identify standards specific to virtual delivery and provide access to workshops to share Trainer good practice.  Members will keep adapting to the developing situation, collaborating with Accreditation Organisations and sharing good practice to ensure high standards for our clients.

Quote from the AsTrE Chair

When asked how she feels about her election, Sheila said ‘It is an honour that my peers, who are also competitors, have asked me to represent them at such a critical time for the industry. It is a great challenge but one which I know will benefit members, their clients and the Accreditation Organisations which collaborate with AsTrE. I will build on the excellent foundation which Paul Naybour, as the previous Chair, has laid down. I am grateful for his example to follow.’

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