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AsTrE's mission is to promote excellence and raise standards in the delivery of accredited training and consultancy in the PPRM Best Practice market in particular and Management Training in general.


When selecting your training provider, in addition to ensuring that the provider has the relevant accreditations (where required), look for the AsTrE logo. This will ensure that your training provider will uphold the following standards.


Membership is open to any accredited entity who is committed to promoting excellence in the market and undertakes to abide by the AsTrE charter. Please click to view the current active member list.

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Below are our members who are committed to promoting excellence in training and consultancy.

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Latest News From AsTrE Members

AsTrE to Become Company Limited by Guarantee

By Paul Naybour | 6th April 2019

The March 2019 AsTrE meeting voted unanimously to form a company limited by guarantee to protect the Organisation and Officers. As there were half the members present the vote was quorate. This structure is used widely by voluntary not-for-profit organisations such as after school clubs or sports clubs. It is the least bureaucratic structure whilst…

Social Media Workshop For Training Providers

By Paul Naybour | 6th April 2019

At the March 2019 AsTrE meeting members identified that some Social Media training would be helpful. Especially the opportunities for AsTrE members to collaborate and coordinate social media campaigns. We have had the offer of a collaborative Social Media Workshop to be run by the APMG Marketing Team. This will include information about making the…

First AsTrE Business Intelligence Survey Forecasts Significant Growth

By Paul Naybour | 14th March 2019

The training assocation for accreditiied training providers has just completed it’s first business intligence cencus of it’s members. Despite the currnet uncertantly the vast majority of members (56%) are forecasting growth in 2019, with a further 25% expecting the trunover to stay the same.  Only 19% are forecasting a fall in turnover.   This is…