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ASPECT's mission is to promote excellence and raise standards in the delivery of accredited training and consultancy in the PPRM Best Practice market in particular and Management Training in general.


When selecting your training provider, in addition to ensuring that the provider has the relevant accreditations (where required), look for the ASPECT logo. This will ensure that your training provider will uphold the following standards.


Membership is open to any accredited entity who is committed to promoting excellence in the market and undertakes to abide by the ASPECT charter. Please click to view the current active member list.

Our Members

Below are our members who are committed to promoting excellence in training and consultancy.

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Latest News From ASPECT Members

PRINCE2 Trainer Meeting With the Chief Examiner

By Paul Naybour | 10th April 2018

We are aware that several members have fed back on the PRINCE2 2017 exams being perceived to be more difficult than the 2009 ones and some trainers experiencing unexpectedly poor results. In light of this we have gained agreement from AXELOS to have a day with the PRINCE2 Chief Examiner, Michelle Rowlands, who will go…

Benefits of joining ASPECT and Attending the AGM on the 27th March.

By Paul Naybour | 23rd March 2018

ASPECT is considering transforming into a formal trade association.  Most businesses and entrepreneurs join trade associations to realise opportunities that can not be achieved on their own. For example by collaborating together ASPECT has been able to lobby other key players in the world of project management. In particular ASPECT has Convinced PeopleCert to open…

Virtual AGM 27 March 2018

By Paul Naybour | 23rd March 2018

For the first time you can now attend the ASPECT AGM virtually. No need to travel to London by train, no more expensive train fares, or dashing to get that last off peak train. Connect to the meeting from the comfort of your office with Go To Meeting. Invites have been sent to all member…