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AsTrE's mission is to promote excellence and raise standards in the delivery of accredited training and consultancy in the PPRM Best Practice market in particular and Management Training in general.


When selecting your training provider, in addition to ensuring that the provider has the relevant accreditations (where required), look for the AsTrE logo. This will ensure that your training provider will uphold the following standards.


Membership is open to any accredited entity who is committed to promoting excellence in the market and undertakes to abide by the AsTrE charter. Please click to view the current active member list.

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Below are our members who are committed to promoting excellence in training and consultancy.

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Latest News From AsTrE Members

2020 Project Management Training Market Trends Survey

By Paul Naybour | 16th February 2020

It’s time to re-run the AsTrE market trends survey and examining body evaluation survey again. 1) Has the market picked up since the election? 2) What is happening to day rates? 3) What’s up and what’s down, is PRINCE2 still declining? 4) Is APMG still the best exam provider? 5) Has the APM recovered their…

Project Management – More than Qualifications

By Tom Vincent | 16th December 2019

Project Management is not a new concept, it has been around since…well forever. The pyramids were not built by accident and nor was Stonehenge. It is however only in recent history that the practice was given a name, with key dates like: 1917 when Henry Gantt created the Gantt Chart 1957 when The Critical Path…

August 2019 AsTrE Business Census

By Paul Naybour | 12th September 2019

The August 2019 AsTrE Business Census combines the market intelligence from all members. It gives an anonymous and unbiased view of the training market conditions. In summary, the results show: – 56% of Members forecast growth in January 2019.– 50% Membership experienced growth in the three months to August 2019.– 42% of Members forecast future…