At the last AGM several members expressed an interest in forming and AsTrE APM User Group. The purpose of the group will be to:

We will look at ways in which AsTrE members can build stronger links with the Association for Project Management. The group will aim to provide AsTrE members with

  • Share experiences working with APM products and services.
  • Present a unified message to the APM from training providers about how the products could be developed or improved.
  • Provide a forum in which the APM can market test new ideas before they are launched.
  • Improve access to APM product for those who are considering this as a market place.
  • Share information of market trends in the APM world.

The dates for the meetings will be

12th December 2016 at 14:00

6th February 2016 at 14:00

The initial meetings will be virtual with a conference call and virtual meeting room. Book the dates in you diary and contact Paul Naybour ( for more details.

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