The market for management training has expanded rapidly in recent years with many new providers and an ever wider range of courses. This is making it harder and harder for people and organisations to decide which training is appropriate for them. and select a high quality training provider. AsTrE has a mission of providing a mark of quality for training providers, which goes above and beyond the minimum standards set by the accrediting organisations.

To promote and communicate this mission, AsTrE has re-developed and re-launched its website. The new website features:

  • Stronger branding and logo which integrates more effectively with the current accreditation logos. Our aim is for the AsTrE logo to become the mark of quality for professional training providers.
  • An improved member directory with a profile page for each member which provides more detail and contact information for each of the members. It also provides a geographic search facility so you can find training providers in your area.
  • The ability to publish news and content about the work of AsTrE and news from members of the AsTrEcommunity. These post link to the AsTrE Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn accounts.
  • Improve SEO features, which make the AsTrE website much more accessible to the major search engines.

So if you are looking for quality management training then you should always look for the AsTrE training logo on your providers website. This will mean that you can be sure of the quality of the training on offer.

AsTrE is grateful to Netherbeck Design for their pro-bono efforts developing the website.

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