AsTrE is pleased to announce that is has been successful in lobbying PEOPLECERT to open a UK bank account. PEOPLECERT was chosen by AXELOS and the exclusive Examination Institute in January 2017. From January 2018, PEOPLECERT will be the sole provider of AXELOS examinations, certifying over 500,000 professionals annually in over 160 countries. And has been working hard to move over 1,300 training organisations to PEOPLECERT system.

One issue that has been a challenge for many AsTrE members has been the foreign transaction fee that applies to payments to PEOPLECERT. These occur because PEOPLECERT previously banked outside the UK. However, we are pleased to announce that PEOPLECERT has listened to the need of AsTrE members and has opened a UK bank account so that AsTrE members can make payments without incurring overseas transaction charges.

Sheila Roberts from AsTrE and CUPE said

“I am extremely pleased that PEOPLECERT has listened to the needs AsTrE members and ultimately it would mean that these additional costs will not need to be paid by the end customer. We look forward to developing the relationship between AsTrE and PEOPLECERT”

From PEOPLECERT, Marc Barfoot, PEOPLECERT, UK Business Development Manager, said

We see that the values of quality and service that are represented by AsTrE align well with our own values and we are very keen to listen to your views on the both the wider market and the commercial partnership.

As we have done in this case, wherever we can we will act to remove barriers and to strengthen our relationship.

It is obvious to us that you and your membership share our passion for these products and the market and we want to ensure that we continue to grow the opportunity for all involved.

Dean Tayor Chairman of AsTrE said

“this is just one example of the situations in which members of AsTrE and collaborate to deliver benefit for all members.”

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