AsTrE is considering transforming into a formal trade association.  Most businesses and entrepreneurs join trade associations to realise opportunities that can not be achieved on their own. For example by collaborating together AsTrE has been able to lobby other key players in the world of project management. In particular AsTrE has
  1. Convinced PeopleCert to open a UK bank account, saving training organisation significant cost in overseas transactions.
  2. Responded in a co-ordinated way to the APM consultation on the standards for Chartered Project Professional. The APM accepted may of the suggestions in it’s final draft.
  3. Surveys members on the performance of PeopleCert and provided a summary of the results to both PeopleCert and Axelos.
  4. AXELOS included AsTrE members on the PRINCE2 reference group.
  5. Agreement from AXELOS to hold a PRINCE2 2017 exam masterclass day for Trainers with the Chief Examiner
  6. Influence the changes made to the PeopleCert commercial arrangements for 2018 which includes 50% fees for trainers who work with more than one ATO, extension of online exam vouchers to 12 months.

We could do so much more if we had more support from members. So please do attend out AGM, either in person or on-line via GO-To Meeting on the 27th March.

On-going projects include
1) Joint bidding and possible code sharing for open course.
2) Conversion of AsTrE into a formal trade association.
So what are the other benefits should AsTrE become a formal trade association.

1. Networking

This is one of the most apparent benefits every business gets to enjoy by joining a trade association. Who you know in your respective industry is of great importance, and trade associations fill their forums with potential clients, contacts and seasoned partners. If availed appropriately, these partners and contacts can quickly grow and transform your brand’s impression. Members of trade associations, especially active members, are always willing to nurture partnerships and relationships, provided they are mutually beneficial. As you can see, trade associations allow you to meet a myriad of like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs willing to explore new opportunities, strengthen ties and share ideas.

2. Economies of Scale

In regards to long-term benefits, it is in every business’s financial interest to join a Trade Association. Trade associations sit at the heart of every market industry and can provide fantastic incentives to their members. These incentives include cost-saving activities like free advice and suggestions on distinct issues, regulatory cost avoidance and access to exclusive rates via affinity services. For example shared advice on issues like GDPR.

3. Influence

Another key benefit of joining a trade association is, it grants you the power to support your organization’s mission and perhaps even alter every legislation affecting your industry negatively.
Members of an association can utilize their integrated resources to lobby key stakeholders to align with the association’s goals and objectives. Bearing in mind the upsurge in regulations in every industry, this benefit is crucial to every organization’s survival in every market industry, including that of training providers.

4. Voice

Governments and authorities perceive a trade association as the voice of every industry it represents. This implies that an association will represent its members at all levels.
Better yet, government states and authorities rest assured that Trade associations will find out what’s going on in their market sectors and also come up with considered views on what can be done to improve everyone’s experience in the sector.This is a compelling asset every organization cannot miss to avail; because as membership bases grow, so does the trade associations’ authority.

5. Exchange of Ideas

By joining a trade association, not only do members have immediate access to every new update in the industry, but they also play a significant role in determining these roles.
Trade association create forums that bring businesses and entrepreneurs together. Subsequently, these forum members share ideas and devise new tactics they can employ with an aim to improve the association. This allows seasoned members to guide and nurture the new members, while, at the same time, creating opportunities for every member (both new and old) to share innovative ideas that can advance the association.

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