We have all ready the press stories about IR 35 rule changes. We have seen the stories about UBER drivers or freelance plumbers being classed as employees. But what about associate trainers. Are they just an employee by another name. Well Sheila Roberts, has been doing some research on behalf of AsTrE. She reports that

“At the last AsTrE meeting members asked to have information about IR35 shared, if any were available. As part of the on-going commitment to member benefits the Officers are pleased to have found somewhere for clarification about individual situations.

While each organisation will have different circumstances there is now a website provided by the government to check if someone will be vulnerable under the IR35 new legislation. To check the status of anyone you work with go to:  


If anyone has a simple checklist for training or consulting organisations that can be used by other members please send it to one of the Officers to share with everyone.

I put our associate thought the tool and was relived to see that IR 35 does not apply, will it be the same for you?

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