At the last AsTrE AGM, which took place in London a couple of months ago, I was nominated as the role of secretary for the association, which I was very happy to accept.

There have been a few changes within the roles. Officers who have been appointed for this year, for your information, are as follows:

  • Dean Taylor – IMD – Chairman
  • Paul Atkin – Advantage Learning – Quality
  • Sheila Roberts – Cupe – Treasurer
  • Paul Naybour – Parallel Project training – Marketing / PR
  • Kate Cox – Insights – Secretary

The above officers took part in a monthly conference call recently to discuss various ideas, actions and the progression of AsTrE. One of the main discussion points were focus / working groups to improve and grow the association so that it serves and supports its members in a valued and relevant way.
There were five focus groups created, which will be headed by one officer. We invite all Aspect members to join a focus group and assist with the suggestions, research and feedback.

Standards – Sheila Roberts (

To identify the standards which are to be upheld by AsTrE Members. Items to cover include the scope; if it is AsTrE or will be under another standards body such as BSI / ISO; development steps; verification; updating and much more once we start the work! This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a group that will shape the future of how AsTrE is seen by others.

APM specialist interest group of AsTrE – Paul Naybour (

We will look at ways in which AsTrE members can build stronger links with the Association for Project Management. The group will aim to provide AsTrE members with

  1. Share experiences working with APM products and services.
  2. Present a unified message to the APM from training providers about how the products could be developed or improved.
  3. Provide a forum in which the APM can market test new ideas before they are launched.
  4. Improve access to APM product for those who are considering this as a market place.
  5. Share information of market trends in the APM world.

New AsTrE members – Kate Cox (

Looking at whether a pro-active approach to gain new members would benefit AsTrE and its existing members at this point in time, and if it would, what the benefits would be.

Joint Bidding – Dean Taylor {

A working group to formulate how members of AsTrE can jointly bid opportunities. Items to cover include finding the opportunities, matrix of capabilities, marketing, market research, commercial arrangements, bid process etc.

Shared Resources – Paul Atkin (

Research into whether suppliers would discount products and services to AsTrE members if buying in a group, or as bulk; suggestions to include word press, printing, stationary etc. Joint agreements and the benefits, if any, would also be covered within this working group.

Please contact the officer who is heading the group which is of interest to you, and that you feel you could possibly assist with.

If you have any general questions or feedback please contact the relevant officer.

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