All AsTrE members offer high quality training which provided significant benefit for delegates. However AsTrE currently has low recognition in the market place. However with some collaborative effort from the members it could become a real mark of quality, with significant customer recognition. We need your help to promote AsTrE and grow it’s recognition in the market place. This collaborations will be of benefit to you and all the other members.

So what are the six steps to maximise the value of your AsTrE membership and promote it as a true mark of quality.

1) Add the AsTrE logo to your website.


All members are encouraged to display the AsTrE logo on their website.  This marks you as a training provider who believes quality matters. Download the  AsTrE logo pack from and proudly display it on your website, ideally with a link back to the AsTrE website.

2) Claim and edit your enhanced profile on the new AsTrE website.

Every AsTrE member has a company profile on the website, we have added basic information such as address, logo and contact details. However to get the best benefit we strongly recommended that create an enhanced profile (at no cost) for your company. As you can see in the example below from SPOCE this can include  details of your company, links back to your website, photos and social media links. You can also collect reviews on your services from customers. As the site grows in reputation these profiles and links will grow in value.

For instructions on how to claim and edit your company profile visit

3) Contribute news and blogs to the ASPECT website.

We welcome any blogs, articles or news items from ASPECT members.

Have you won a new contract, or launched a new product? We welcome any blogs, articles or news items from ASPECT members. As well as the website they automatically shared in the newsletter and on Facebook and twitter. High quality fresh content is a very important ranking factor for rankings in search results. As we develop more content the site will grow in authority.   As a collaborative effort between members the ASPECT site could quickly become the authorative directory  for quality management providers.  Posting news is easy as the site used WordPress. When you claim you membership you automatically get a login for the site. If you need help with WordPress then please do get in touch.

4)Subscribe to the ASPECT News Letter

Stay in touch with ASPECT news by asking your team to subscribe to the ASPECT newsletter. The subscribe button is clearly displayed on the home page. Please ask all you colleagues to subscribe too?

Home_-_ASPECT 2

5) Like the ASPECT page of Facebook

Aspect now has a webpage with automatic posts from the website. Please like our Facebook page at

6) Follow ASPECT on Twitter

We also have a twitter page so please follow this page for all the latest news

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